DIY Evergreen Candles Tutorial

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Often it is the simplest decorations that make the biggest impact! We are excited to share an easy DIY project today that can add to the ambience of your holiday gatherings. Check out this post to DIY evergreen candles with us! The supplies are minimal, and the process can be completed in just a few steps! You’ll love the Christmas scent from the tree branches and adding the twinkle of candles to your holiday décor.

DIY evergreen candles

Supplies Needed:
– Candles (those pictured are from our local dollar store)
– Cypress tree branches
– Scissors
– Rubber band
– Wire string

DIY evergreen candles

DIY Evergreen Candles in 3-Easy-Steps:

1. Insert small tree clippings inside the rubber band until they surround the circumference of the candle.

2. Carefully tie wire string around the clippings to secure them in place.

3. Gently remove the rubber band, leaving the greens secured only by the wire string.

DIY evergreen candles

DIY holiday crafting doesn’t get much easier than this! These candles make a great gift, especially when paired with one of our holiday pedestal trays!

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