You can view all of our Project Designs and Mediums on our Projects page.

To view the workshop calendar of your nearest AR Workshop® visit out Workshop Locations page and click on the link to their calendar. Contact your nearest location with any questions!

To register for a workshop, click on the “Workshop Locations” link at the top of this site and select your nearest location. From there you can view their workshop calendar.

Choose what kind of project you want to do and select a date they offer that in a workshop. Choose the design you want, and register online for that class so we can have your stencil and supplies ready when you arrive. If you have friends joining, be sure to let us know in the seating preference.

If you would prefer to have a private party, contact your nearest location so they can go over dates and your needs with you!

Each location is independently owned and operated, so prices may vary. But adult projects can range from $40-$95 & youth projects can range from $40-$45.

Most times, we can change the wording on a design. We can customize it with your personal information (ie. name, year, date) for free to make it personalized for you.
More detailed customization and adjustments will require payment of a custom fee.

Most of our designs are interchangeable and can be resized to work on multiple project mediums.  When registering, enter the Design Name of the design you prefer as well as any related customization information needed for it and we’ll notify you if we foresee any issues when resizing it to fit the project medium you have purchased.
If the design that you chose says “Advanced Design” after the title, this indicates that it may require additional time to complete your project, as it includes finer detail than most of our other designs. If it says “Advanced Project” after the title, this indicates the project is intended for ages 15 and up.

Due to manufacturing availability and shipping time-frames of our yarn suppliers, we can only provide a variety of pleasing, neutral and on-trend colors at the start of all our Chunky Knit Blanket Workshop™ sessions and are unable to promise/guarantee/honor any specific color(s) requested by our registrants beforehand. Each registrant will be provided enough skeins of yarn to complete their project in our workshop and be given equal opportunity to change/swap/trade from the in-store selection prior to the start of the session from the reserves or with another registrant if both parties agree. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Due to the variety of design options we provide, you are free to decide what look and style you’d like to achieve while completing the DIY process in our workshop session. You will be able to choose from our selection of paints and non-toxic stains, as well as our varied techniques to add texture and interest to help ensure that your project is uniquely your own! If you find an image on our website or on our social media of a project that you’d like to ‘replicate’ we will do our best to help you achieve it, but with the knowledge that no two projects are ever alike!

Please note, we do not recommend placing food items directly on your unsealed wood projects, as it is a porous material. You may consider purchasing our private label sealer to apply at home as the sealer protects the wood project from the food oils, acids, etc. You may also use wax paper as a layer between your project and any food items.

In most cases, we can create a custom design for an additional fee. Once you have registered for your spot by choosing the custom design option during checkout, our designers will work on your design and send it to you for approval.  A minimum of 72 hours prior to the workshop is needed to create your design.

PLEASE NOTE: Copying other artists’ work or images and replicating trademarked logos including sports team names, mascots, Greek lettering, song lyrics, movie lines or literature is not a practice of AR Workshop® designers. Items of public domain may be an exception.
In the same respect, we do not allow others to copy or replicate our original copyrighted designs.  Professional courtesies of both art and craft will be honored to the strictest measures.   Please call us for details if you have any questions.

Per our policy, we do not sell materials for items that you intend to DIY at home. Likewise, we do not allow outside pieces of furniture, wood or other materials to come into our workshop for custom pieces. The reasons are including but not limited to the following:
Risk of damaging private property – We cannot be responsible for the possible need for repair or replacement of any item or material brought in should an error or mistake take place. Heirloom items are generally non-replaceable; could be structurally unsound or become so while trying to create a custom requested DIY project. Barnwood could be dry-rotted on the interior or brittle and/or fall apart while trying to create a custom piece, for example.
Lessened ability to manage quality control – We have greater control of the quality/outcome of completed projects in our workshop environment that have been tested and retested with our choice materials. They are also constructed of the materials that are in greater supply should a replacement be necessary.

Due to the custom nature of our projects and required reserved seating in our workshop spaces, we do not offer refunds. We will be happy to transfer you to a future class as outlined by the following guidelines:
72 Hours Advance Notice: To avoid any Transfer Fees, please give us a minimum of 72 hours advance notice if you or your group are unable to attend your reserved workshop session.  We will happily reschedule you for any future class within the following 30 days.
Late Notice Cancellation: (<72 hours) Any notice given LESS THAN 72 hours prior to a class will be subject to a Transfer Fee in order to be transferred to a future class (Original project and/or design only please).
‘No-Show’ Attendees:  Any guest that is a “No-Show” for their reserved workshop session will forfeit the missed session and will need to pay to re-register.  If no changes are required from the previous class to the future class (same project and same design) a courtesy discount may be applicable.
Late Arrivals: Due to the nature of our workshop sessions and the time needed to complete each project, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes early as we begin our workshops on time. Late arrivals and last-minute registrants may be asked to reschedule; be subject to an additional stencil cut/re-cut fee(s); and/or may be limited to a non-personalized design in order to participate.

One Person Per Project: Due to state laws and fire safety codes, we cannot accommodate more than one registrant per project so that we do not go over capacity. Non-registered guests to AR Workshop can purchase a project to work on if there is an available open seat in the workshop.

One Project Per Registrant: Due to time and space constraints, we only allow each registrant to work on one project at a time, (unless otherwise noted). This ensures you will have the ability to complete your DIY project in the allotted workshop time.

Please note: Project registrations where we offer a discount for 2 projects (i.e. pillows, wood photo frames) are intended for a single person and not to be shared with another guest.

Absolutely not! We love our individual guests and big groups equally.

If you register for the same workshop as your friend(s), please enter their name or the group name at checkout and will will do our best to seat you at the same table. There may be times that a group will need to be separated due to project sizes or space constraints, but we do make every effort to accommodate registrants requests.

We love groups! We offer the entire workshop for private parties, or private tables at an open public workshop. Private party minimums vary by day and time of day.

Yes, and more! AR Workshop is perfect for birthdays, date nights, ladies night out, fundraisers and many other groups; including team-building events.
Everyone gets to make their own masterpiece at project specific workshops.

Most locations allow you to bring in food and beverages, please check with your nearest location for their policies.

YES! We know you want them all, so be sure to get your VIP card stamped before you leave! Earn a stamp for every full-priced project* you make, then turn in your stamped card after five (5) stamps to receive a voucher for a future project! Your voucher (up to a $65.50 value) will have a promo code that can be used when registering for a future workshop session.
*Please note: Only one promotion or code allowed per transaction; stamps are considered a promo/promotion themselves and can only be earned on standard full-price projects; stamps are non-transferrable and are not to be combined with any other promotion.  Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of individual AR Workshop locations.

Due to the nature of our preregistration process and no-refund policy, we are unable to price-adjust retroactively any payment towards a registration that has already been processed.

Price adjustments include but are not limited to; in-store or online promotions (a.k.a promo codes), coupons, gift cards and/or vouchers. These codes must be applied at the time of registration, prior to check out, and will not be accepted or retroactively applied (refunded, credited or exchanged for face value) to any previous registration that has already been paid and confirmed as a complete and/or approved transaction.

If you have concerns or questions about any item you’d like to redeem, please contact the store location you are registering with prior to completing your workshop registration.

If you see that a class is Sold Out and not open to registrations, it means we do not have any available seats. We are happy to add you to our waitlist should a cancellation occur. Otherwise please join us for an open workshop.