ShARe your time by DIYing together!  Our easy and fun DIY pARty Kits are perfect for birthdays, a “Girl’s Night In”, or quality crafting time together using your favorite virtual platform.  Kits include all materials including stencils, wood, a PrimARy Paint Essentials Kit, brushes and instructions. You will have the option to add extra tool and paint sets to complete your pARty kit.


Step 1: Order your pARty kit online! Find your local AR Workshop to find out more about your kit options. Excited? Check out all the cool Project Types you can choose from!

Step 2: Receive your order! Delivery and/or pickup options vary by location.

Step 3: Use your favorite virtual platform to connect with your friends or family while you craft together.

hammer brush

Step 4: Mix your paints and create your one of a kind project along with your virtual crew. Show off your projects and enjoy your time to DIY.

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