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Please READ ALL BEFORE proceeding as some things have changed! 

Turn your "bored" into "boards!" Easy and fun DIY kits for all ages to enjoy at home from AR Workshop! 

Choose your kit below. Kits include all materials including stencils, wood, a PrimARy Paint Essentials Kit, brushes, stain, instructions. Our PrimARy Paint Essentials Kit includes a color mixing guide to give you endless color options!

Is this a gift?  Please be sure to put the address and name of the recipient when registering.  You can keep your email/phone on the registration so all notifications go to you {the gift giver}!   Please let us know in the comments if you would like us to write who it is from {your name}.  

Are you celebrating a special occasion?  If you are celebrating anything, please let us know in the comments! 

Paint & Tool Kits:  Each project comes with 1 toolset.  If you are ordering a set, such as the 5 mini-set or the set of 2 10x10s, it will come with 1 toolset.  If you order multiple projects in the same order, you will get a toolset for each project that you ordered.  If you need additional toolsets, you can add them to your cart under DIY to Go Tools.  Again, all kits already come with 1 set of tools.  This would only apply if you need more toolsets because you were breaking up a "set".  

Can my project be shipped?  Yes! We can ship directly to you!   Due to the size, weight, and additional care and packaging required, there is an additional $15 Shipping + Handling Fee per kit.  PLEASE ADD 'DIY-TO-GO' SHIPPING TO YOUR CART for each kit so that we know you would like it shipped.  Please note:  We cannot ship anything over the dimensions of 18"x21."  For example, we will not ship porch signs.  

Pickup Orders: We will assume it is a pickup order if you did not add shipping to your cart.  Please allow 7 days for production.  We will contact you via email as soon as it is ready for pick up.

Rush Orders:  We always try to accommodate specific dates for pick up if needed.  Please make a note in the comments section of registration and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  If we cannot, we will notify you.

Please contact us at for any special requests outside of the above.  We currently have limited staff but will accommodate as best as we are able. Thank you!

For additional DIY Kits, Activities, Crafts, and Giftables, make sure to visit our Gift Shop located at 226 North Avenue West in Westfield, New Jersey!


Step 1: Select which DIY kit you wish to order
Step 2: Select "choose design" and choose each of your design choices
Step 3: Enter your Design Options, including any required customization details, and your contact information.
Step 4: Complete the checkout process and submit your payment. You will receive an email confirmation once your order is complete. 

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