DIY To-Go Kit - Order It Here!

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Turn your "bored" into "boards!" Easy and fun DIY kits for all ages to enjoy at home from AR Workshop Northville!

Kits include ALL materials needed and the instructions. Wood and canvas project kits include Barrel (Brown) stain (wood only) and a primARy paint color set (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White) for custom color blending!
Note: Blending colors is a fun ARt! Our PrimARy Paint Essentials Kit includes a color mixing guide to give you endless color options! Your colors may appear slightly different from the samples shown. 

**Orders must be placed by Thursday at 5PM for this weekend pick-up. Orders placed after this will be fulfilled for the following weekend pick-up. 

*We are able to accommodate shipping these kits upon request for an additional fee.  Please email us at after placing your order to ship your kits.  Thank you!


Step 1: Select which DIY kit you wish to order
Step 2: Select "choose design" and choose each of your design choices
Step 3: Enter your Design Options, including any required customization details, and your contact information.
Step 4: Complete the checkout process and submit your payment. You will receive an email confirmation once your order is complete. 

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