JINGLE BOX Specially Curated Surprise Box! Snuggle Time!

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What is it? It's an exclusive box of surprise holiday themed retail items curated by us! 

COZY is the theme of this LIMITED Gift Box!


OPTION ONE is $125 and the Retail Value is over $175: Includes a CHUNKY KNIT BLANKET Kit as the DIY Item  

OPTION TWO is $85 and the Retail Value is over $130:  Includes an awesome Holiday ORNAMENT Kit as the DIY Item 

What's in the box? 
The items are a surprise but here are some hints:

Something to DIY 

Something for your Home 

Something local 

Something to enjoy 

Something for You 

Who is it for?
 Anyone obsessed with the holidays! You, your friend, or someone that may need a holiday themed pick-me-up, which, with how 2020 has gone, might be everyone! This would also make an awesome housewarming gift, hostess gift, or no-reason-necessary gift!

How much will it cost?
 We are curating these items with lots of local makers and AR love. There were so many beautiful items we wanted to include but really picked the best items to showcase in our first Jingle box. See pricing above.

When/How can I buy it? 
The Jingle box is available for purchase right here by clicking Specialty Item below and proceeding to checkout.There will be a very limited number of boxes made available and VIPs get a 48hr head start, so if you're thinking about it, grab one or else they will be gone! If you want that 48hr head start sign up to be a VIP here: Sign up Here!

What is a pre-order? 
A Pre-Order is when an item is ordered before it is available, with the understanding that it will be ready for delivery at a later date. Boxes will be made for sale starting November 15th and closing November 26nd. After that period we will start working with our amazing local vendors to get your orders ready!

How do I get it? 
Boxes will be available for pick-up starting December 11th, we will notify you once yours is ready & provide multiple pick-up times 

Can it be shipped?
 Yes! Once you've purchased your Jingle Box (link above) email us at mtpleasant@arworkshop.com for a separate shipping invoice. Boxes will start shipping out Dec 10th

Still have questions?! Give us a call at 843.501.0776 or shoot us an email at mtpleasant@arworkshop.com

If you've made it this far here's another hint....think cozy, warm & sweet

OPTION ONE is $125:   Select Specialty Class

OPTION TWO is $85 :  Select Specialty Item

*Promotions, coupons and gift cards not valid for use on this purchase
*Jingle box purchases are non-refundable

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