Hudson After Prom Make It For Me Fundraiser!

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No time to DIY? We are happy to do it for you! Choose from one of our many Wood and Canvas Projects! Choose from a Plank Wood Sign, Porch Sign, Bath Tray, Framed Wood Sign, Round Lazy Susan, Centerpiece Box, Wood Clock, Plank Wood Tray, Cake Stand, Pedestal Tray, Wood Photo Frame, and more! 

We can't wait to make your new home decor or gift! Please expect 3-5 business days to complete your project. We will contact you to arrange pick up. Need it sooner? Call us to confirm that we have the staff to accommodate a quicker turnaround. 

Please note: Due to the amount of graphics and images,  registration is best completed on a laptop or desktop computer on either Chrome or Firefox browsers! Thank you!


Step 1: Select your Project Type from our available options.  *SEE NOTE BELOW FOR ORDERING A CUSTOM HUDSON PORCH SIGN

Step 2: Select your Project Design - use our Search and Category feature to help narrow it down! (Click on "All Designs" to find a specific design that you've seen on another project type)
Step 3: Enter your Design Options, including the project size, and any required customization details. You will have the option to use the colors displayed in the sample or to select your own colors.  Type the Comment "HUDSON AFTERPROM"  to your registration
Step 4: Your registration will be reserved for 30 minutes while you complete the Checkout process
and submit your payment. You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is complete.


1. Select any plank or framed project.  Design does NOT matter.

2. Comment that you want the custom Hudson porch sign #__.  Write the # of the deign you want (1-4)

3. NOTE:  WHEN CHOOSING YOUR PROJECT, DO NOT SELECT A CUSTOM PORCH SIGN OPTION because you will incur an added fee to design your stencil.  The Hudson designs have already been created so there is not an additional fee. 

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