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ARt of DIY Educational Series

Monday, September 21, 2020
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Seats Available: 4
@ AR Workshop Ferndale
207 E 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone: (248) 733-4505
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Our new ARt-of-DIY educational series will get kids excited about do-it-yourself design! During 8 weekly sessions students will learn art skills and gain an understanding of the materials and techniques used at AR Workshop and beyond.  Lessons will cover basic tools, safety, techniques, color theory, up-cycling, hand lettering and careers in art. They will leave the course with a variety of knowledge they can apply to all future creative pursuits. 

Standard Series: 1.5 hours 
Extended Series: Adds an additional 30 mins to each day and includes a bonus project!


Students will be able to:

  1. come up with alternate uses for old materials, i.e. up-cycle
  2. fix things using strategies, tools, and methods learned in class
  3. name tools and their intended use
  4. use tools safely and correctly 
  5. choose project paint and stain colors that contrast
  6. use a variety of different techniques (ombre, watercolor) in their projects
  7. make appropriate design choices (i.e. busy background, simple design)
  8. identify, name and discuss different careers in the art field
  9. write using simple hand lettering techniques and layouts
  10. understand basic hand-knitting techniques

Lesson Topics

  1. Intro to Tools/Wild for Wood 
  2. Technique pARty 
  3. Crazy for Color 
  4. What’s Old is New 
  5. Hand Lettering 101
  6. Basics of Hand-knitting 
  7. Artists Can.. 
  8. Create it Your Way 

Completed Projects

  • Canvas Tote
  • Youth Plank Wood Project 
  • Hand Lettered - Greeting Card and Wall Art
  • Chunky Knit Scarf 
  • Up-cycled Item from Home
  • Free Build Project


  • Interest in learning about art in relation to AR Workshop as well as general art practices
  • Must be between ages 8 and 14
  • Willingness to try new things

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