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Morning DIY

Thursday, January 13, 2022
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Seats Available: 22
@ AR Workshop Centerville
101 E. Alex-Bell Rd.
Ste. 162
Centerville, OH 45459
Phone: 937-602-2945
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We look forward to welcoming you for a DIY class at  AR Workshop Centerville!  We have several wood or canvas projects to choose from.     During the workshop, we will walk you through color selection and techniques  with your choice of designer paints and non-toxic stain colors. 

Please note: Due to the amount of graphics and images,  registration is best completed on a laptop or desktop computer on either Chrome or Firefox browsers! 


1: Select your Project Type from our available options.  These include frame signs, plank signs, round projects, clocks, centerpiece boxes and more! Click on whichever project type you would like to explore.

2: Select your Project Design.  When you select a design, it will expand to a smaller pop-up window to allow you to see more detail.  If you like that project click Select, if you would like to keep looking just X out of it in the upper right hand corner.   Use our Search and Category feature to help narrow it down!  Many designs can be placed on any project type. Click on All Designs to find a specific design that you've seen on another project type. 

3: Select Size and Enter Customization Details. Once you have your design, select the project size and add any customization details like names and dates.  Enter any additional information in the comments box as well as your contact information.

To Add an additional guest, click Add Guest.  For multiple project selections (ex.  3 Mini Planks - it will add to the cart and click select to choose the design for each plank) 

4.  Checkout. Your seat in the workshop will be reserved for 30 minutes while you complete the Checkout process and submit your payment.  You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is complete.  

We strive to make your DIY experience exceptional! In order to achieve this, registrations must be completed ahead of time and will close 24 hours in advance of the workshop. 

BYO snacks and drinks to enjoy during the workshop.   No hard liquor permitted and we are unable to provide cups or openers due to state laws for beer and wine. 

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