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Hello Michigan DIYers! This week’s featured owner is Jessica Perino, owner of AR Workshop Milford in Michigan! Did you know Jessica grew up in Milford or that she worked as a graphic designer and event coordinator prior to owning AR Workshop Milford? Read on to see some other fun facts about Jessica!


ar workshop milford mi jessica

Question: How long have you been an AR Workshop Owner?

Answer: 5 1/2 years!

Question: What made you decide to become an AR Workshop owner?

Answer: I love crafting. I helped my sister-in-law open the AR Workshop Northville location and met [one of the founders of AR Workshop] Maureen [Anders].

AR Workshop Milford

Question: What is your favorite AR Workshop project or design?

Answer: How can you pick one!? Love a framed sign, and the coat rack!

Question: What is your favorite AR Workshop paint color?

Answer: Tricorn black

AR Workshop Milford

Question: What can you share with us about your family?

Answer: I am married with 2 kids. Mila is 9. Max is 4. My husband Jason is a mortgage banker.

AR Workshop Milford

Question: What is a fun fact about yourself? Any hidden talents?

Answer: I love renovation! We recently completed a 1500 square foot addition and a kitchen remodel.

AR Workshop Milford

Question: Please share anything you do or have done in the community that would make your mama proud:

Answer: We are committed to making frequent donations, and support local schools by offering low cost events for kids.

AR Workshop Milford

Book your workshop with AR Workshop Milford today by clicking the link to the class schedule here.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop on new class offerings, project ideas, and hear about promotions, take the opportunity to follow the AR Workshop Milford Facebook and Instagram pages.

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