Featured Owners: AR Workshop Mechanicsville

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It takes incredibly dedicated and hard working individuals to keep up with the on-going demands of owning a DIY business. Thankfully, this week’s featured owners, Jamie and TJ Hall, owners of AR Workshop Mechanicsville in Virginia, are both! When we first introduced Jamie and TJ upon their new ownership, you may have learned that Jamie has a background in sales and marketing, and TJ is a veteran and first responder. But we thought we would share a few more fun get-to-know you tidbits learned at a recent check-in with these amazing owners. Read on for our short Q&A!

AR Workshop Mechanicsville Jamie

Question: How long have you been AR Workshop Owners?

Answer (Jamie and TJ): We’ve been owners since November of 2022–a little over a year

AR Workshop Mechanicsville featured owners

Question: What made you decide to become an AR Workshop owner?

Answer (Jamie): I was a customer who fell in love with the workshop. When the previous owner announced she was selling, my husband and I knew this was the business opportunity we had been looking for. Coming from the business world and loving all things DIY, this was the perfect combination of all my loves.

Answer (TJ): I was a previous client and I bought it from a previous owner. I had always wanted to own my own business and this brought all of my worlds together.

AR Workshop Mechanicsville featured owners

Question: What is your favorite AR Workshop project or design?

Answer (Jamie): Too many to count. My favorite piece in my house is my coat rack & my front porch sign.

Answer (TJ): Too many to choose from. My favorite pieces in my home are my coat rack and my front porch sign

AR Workshop Mechanicsville featured owners

Question: What is your favorite AR Workshop paint color?

Answer (Jamie and TJ): Show Stopper

AR Workshop Mechanicsville featured owners

Question: What can you share with us about your family?

Answer (Jamie and TJ): We have two amazing boys, Remy (10) and Colt (9). They love sports and excel in football, baseball and swimming. They are also our little helpers in the shop as we home school.Our family pet is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (think Lady and the Tramp) named Puddin. She is our little princess and is spoiled rotten.

Question: What is a fun fact about yourself? Any hidden talents?

Answer (Jamie): I was a D1 spring board diver and was name Diver of the Year my senior year in college. I also was a professional dancer for an arena football team in Richmond, Va. Our first game had over 10,000 attendees.

Question: Please share anything you do or have done in your community that would make your mama proud!! We know you do good things everyday just by being you, but would love to hear about any special wins/partnerships/collaborations.

Answer (Jamie): We have been proud members of Remnant Church for over 13 years. We host a small group in our home and volunteer with several organizations, including one called Little Hands, which provides items, clothing, etc. for families with infants ages 3 and below. TJ is also in seminary and started an organization called the Coalition of Good (COG) which is made up of several organizations that provide resources for survivors of domestic abuse. 

Answer (TJ): We partner with an organization called Sheltering Arms. They are a rehabilitation center that works with patients who face setbacks due to injury, illness or accident. Once a quarter we go to their facility and offer classes to their long term day patients. We also partner with a non-profit organization called Hanover Community Cats. We hold a fundraiser event for them once a quarter in order to raise money in order to help rescue and/or relocate unwanted or discarded cats.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about TJ and Jamie online, it’s time to meet them in their workshop! New projects pop up frequently! Be sure to check the workshop schedule here. Don’t miss out on current updates and announcements! Plus, be first to know about special classes and promotions! The latest and greatest workshop news can be found on Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for that perfect home décor piece, need a thoughtful, custom gift, or just want to have an amazing time crafting, this is the place!

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