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This week’s featured workshop owner hails from Pennsylvania! AR Workshop Gilbertsville is located at 1810 Swamp Pike, Suite  200 in Gilbertsville, PA.  So what’s the big deal about this self-described boutique style workshop? First, the space is charming and trendy. The workshop has a fabulous retail space where customers and workshop attendees can purchase readymade décor and gifts. Second, the atmosphere for crafting is inviting and fun! Lots of positive energy and inspiration make it a great place to celebrate a special occasion with friends and/or family, a hip location for bonding with co-workers, or even your spouse! The class fee includes the cost of individualized instruction, and also includes all of the eco friendly materials you’ll need to construct the home décor you’ve always wanted! (Think of all of those adorable Pinterest décor projects you’ve been dreaming of making, but even better!) You’ll love being in charge of your décor project and the ability to personalize and customize the details.

AR Workshop Gilbertsville

Meet Cynthia Knowles, the owner of AR Workshop Gilbertsville! Cynthia is a crafter of everything, lover of sewing, crocheting, and an all-around DIYer. She believes that we all have some level of creativity within ourselves, but sometimes we just need a little help bringing that out. She loves teaching people how to do creative things and gets joy out of seeing the person who initially says, “I can’t”, subsequently say, “look what I did!”

Cynthia has always wanted to open her own business but couldn’t find the right fit. She was hoping it would be something creative. When an AR Workshop near her became available for new ownership, she knew she had found the right fit.

Cynthia is married and has 2 grown boys and 2 beautiful, smart, kind granddaughters that are the highlight of her life in every way possible. They love to do crafts and want to be a part of the workshop too!

Don’t miss an update from AR Workshop Gilbertsville! By following them on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have firsthand peeks of new class projects, hear about special discount codes and promotions, see inspiration for future home décor, and learn about special workshops!

Speaking of workshops…you can view the class schedule here! Which class will you sign up for first? Framed wood sign? Plank wood sign? How about a canvas workshop designing your own wall art, pillow case, or tote? You can even make a centerpiece box, picture frames, or a darling lazy susan!

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