DIY Box Tray Used Two Ways

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Are you stumped on how to use the holiday box tray you made at an AR Workshop? Not anymore! We are sharing two ways to use your DIY box tray this season! One way features a decorative use. The other is a more practical use. Both ideas are awesome!

AR Workshop is queen of DIY home decor. An obvious use for your box tray is as decor! Simply style your box tray with holiday decor, and use it on your table. In our example, we have filled it with fabric and faux pumpkins, pinecones, and candles.

Another more practical use for your box tray is to dress up casserole dishes (a.k.a. “hide” the plain, ugly glass casserole dish). Layer a cute tea towel in the bottom and rest your casserole dish inside. It makes transporting easier, and also makes for a more beautiful food display.

Don’t miss our TikTok highlight of these easy ideas.

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