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Have you been Boo-ed?

That means its your turn to pass it along! And we’ve got a cute & free printable Boo sign so you don’t have to go buy a file or make a photocopy.

Download your free Halloween Boo sign here! Then just print & you’re all set!

We always love to see our projects & printables styled by you – make sure to tag us in your Boo basket! Our instagram is @andersruffworkshop.

Never been Boo-ed?

Not even sure what it is? It’s a super fun group game played during October where you get to play ghost & lease secret Halloween goodies to the people you’re playing with.

Boo is a ding dong ditch style game played during October mostly in neighborhoods. An avid player might start the game amongst co-workers or at school.

The idea is that one October night, your doorbell rings and when you open the door, no one is there. On your doorstep is a basket filled with goodies and a sign to hang on your door announcing that you’ve been Boo-ed. By hanging the sign on your door, you’re announcing that no one else can Boo your house. Within the next few days, it’s your job to pass it along.

Traditionally, you make two baskets of goodies & signs for two other houses. After the sun sets, you sneak up to another house without a sign, ring the doorbell & leave the basket. The goal is to be long gone by the time the person opens the door!

I remember sneaking around the neighborhood as a kid, looking for houses to Boo, and I’ve had just as much fun participating as an adult!

Not sure what to put in your basket?

Watch Maureen & Adria style a couple easy & cute baskets HERE!

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