DIY Bunny Feet Trail

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“Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail”… and right through your front door! Create some Easter morning magic with this easy DIY bunny feet trail tutorial! We are providing a free link to our downloadable bunny feet template at the end of this post! Now you can create your own bunny tracks leading family and friends to their Easter baskets! Prepare yourself for plenty of squeals of delight and lots of Easter morning smiles! This may just become your new favorite Easter tradition.

DIY bunny feet trail

DIY bunny feet trail

The steps for this DIY are easy! First, get the free DIY bunny feet template so you can create your own bunny feet trail for Easter! You will want to print out a copy (we recommend using sturdy cardstock). Next, use scissors to cut out the feet. Then, using either sifted flour or powder, lightly sprinkle the white powder over the template, leaving a set of bunny footprints and repeating until the footprints reach your desired location.

Voila! Easter magic and proof that the Easter bunny has paid a visit to your home!


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