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Happy Summer! I don’t know about you all, but I am ALL about crafts during the Summer. I mean, ok, it’s a year round kind of deal if I’m being honest, but there’s a difference between crafting and Summer crafting. This Summer? We’re pouring paint at AR Workshop’s new Marbleized Art class!

Summer crafting is all about Tie Dye, sidewalk chalk, and stringing together bright colored beads. It’s messy and colorful and somehow just a different kind of fun.

And for all of those reasons, we’re pouring paint with you to create totally one of a kind pieces!

Marbleized Art Paint Pouring

Paint pouring is something I’ve only attempted in an actual art studio. A spot with concrete floors, drop cloths, and an expectation of a mess. My dining room table? Not so much!

Luckily for us, we have our local AR Workshop to keep our homes clean and our crafting urges satisfied. I was so excited when Maureen and Adria started talking about making marbleized paint pouring a class.

Check out the results from our photoshoot! Isn’t it amazing how the results look so different?

If you’ve been to a workshop before – you know the drill! Each class is guided by a few members of our team so you always have an experienced eye to help with any questions or decisions. From color choices to techniques, all you have to do is ask!

How are you going to style your new marbleized piece? Or – better question: how are you going to style all of your marbleized pieces? You can’t pour just one!

Feeling inspired yet? I hope so! We would love to see what you made, how you styled it, and how you blended your colors. Share your pics in our VIP Facebook Group and while you’re there get early access to deals & new releases! Our VIPs see everything first.



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