Top Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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Many people are foregoing lavish New Year’s Eve celebrations out on the town, opting instead for a simple at-home celebration. Celebrating at home doesn’t have to be lame or lackluster. Celebrating the last night of 2020 with kids in tow can be the best ending to this crazy year and an even more incredible beginning of 2021. We are sharing some of our favorite family friendly New Year’s Eve party ideas, with printables featured from the Anders Ruff Custom Designs shop.

New Years Photo Booth

Worried about keeping your kiddos up until midnight? Celebrate the ball drop with a different time zone! For example, if you’re living on the west coast, celebrate with the east coast a whole 3 hours earlier!

New Years Cookies

new years parfaits

New Years partyTrying to decide on how to spend your evening? How about having a pajama party complete with a pillow fight and watching favorite family movies? Pop some popcorn, build a blanket fort and enjoy cozying up with the ones you love most as you think back on a year’s worth of memories.

New Years Eve Party Ideas and Decorations, Countdown, Chalkboard

Looking for a fun New Year’s Eve activity? How about putting together a yearly family time capsule? Grab a shoe box or even a larger tote to store some favorite family photos, ticket stubs, mementos, a favorite toy and items that will trigger fun memories when opened the following year. Have each family member fill out a questionnaire to include comments about favorite family trips and activities, favorite book read or movie watched that year, details about friends, hobbies and interests and so forth. Have each family member share their questionnaires before you seal them away in the time capsule.

happy new years sign

Set up a craft area with materials for making confetti poppers and decorating party hats and masks. Include glitter, cardstock, feathers, sequins, jewels and gems, lace, pom poms, tulle, paper and stickers! For easy cleanup, put a disposable plastic tablecloth on top and underneath the table and throw away the scraps and mess once the crafting is years photo booth props

Play games! Children love playing games together as a family, and it’s easy to team up to help even the youngest child have fun! From video games to board games to card games to charades or Pictionary, there is so much fun to be had playing games! With the whole night ahead of you, you may even have time for each family member to pick his or her favorite game to play!

Ring in the new year with Ring Pops

Top off a fun night of togetherness with great dessert! Pull out that chocolate fountain or fondue pot and let the kids go crazy dipping yummy things into chocolate! Brownie bites, cookies, pound cake, shortbread, candy, strawberries and other fruits taste amazing in chocolate!

new years parfaits

Make sure you prep for a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve toast. Whether you serve up sparkling cider in fancy glassware or host a milk and cookies toast, your kids will love toasting in the New Year!

New Year's Eve

Making shirley temples for new years

With so many family friendly New Year’s Eve party ideas to choose from, it’s a wonder that more people don’t ring in the New Year with children! There is definitely a whole new level of fun to be had!

pop fizz clink wood tray

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