Hand Stamped Rainbow Cards because we cARe! (Made from stamping onions and tomatoes!)

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diy rainbow art decor project cads

Spotting a rainbow is supposed to bring good luck. Rainbows are popping up around the world. In windows in the UK, along balconies in Italy… all with the meaning that “storms don’t last forever” and there is hope.

This weekend, my boys and I crafted stacks of cARds for healthcare workers. They are on the front lines and could use something to brighten their day, even if just for a short moment.

This DIY painting craft is truly the most easy painting project ever…

You will never guess what we used… ONIONS!  Yes, this craft may be a tad stinky but just do it while you cook some spaghetti! 😉

Alright – well let’s peel back the layers to this project (pun intended!) Onions are perfect b/c they are made up of crescents of varying sizes just like you need for a rainbow!

onion letterpress stamping

Step 1:
Gather your materials. You’ll need:
– 1 onion and a knife
– 1 cherry tomato
white cardstock or card blanks 
– rainbow colored acrylic paints (I love these paints for the kids at home)
– paper plate to pour paints on (nothing fancy!)
– envelopes (to mail these in!)

Step 2:
Cut the onion in half (and then again somewhat thick so it is easy enough to hold). Pull apart the onion and remove every other layer (so that they are different enough in size to stamp the parts of the rainbow)

diy vegetable stamping craft

Step 3:
Fold your card stock in half and figure out where you want your rainbow to show.

Step 4:
Pour your paints on a paper plate, far enough apart that they don’t blend together.
Dip the very largest layer of the onion in the red paint… Stamp down onto the paper. Then follow it with the next size onion layer in the orange… and yellow, green, etc etc…. until you get to the very smallest layer of the onion for the blue or purple (depending on the size!)

paper plate paint pallette

rainbow vegetable stamping

Step 5:
Once your rainbow is stamped, mix a lighter blue for the clouds. I used the end of a cherry tomato for stamping the little fluffy clouds. Get creative! What else could you use?


Voila! How fun and easy is that!? You can make so many in a short period of time. We are mailing ours off to the local hospitals in Charlotte.

I’d love to see what you make! #cardsforcaring

rainbow stamped cards

Now, to get mailing! I can’t wait to send these off….

diy rainbow art decor project cads


rainbow onion stamping

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