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Welcome back DIY lovers!

We had the fantastic experience of previewing the next issue of American Farmhouse Style magazine. I have a few in my stack, so being allowed to preview their upcoming issue was so much fun! If you haven’t had a chance to flip through their magazine before, it is literally the paper version of our Pinterest boards.

Despite moving away from print media, magazines are something I cling to still. I have become much more selective, but I have a few that I actually maintain subscriptions to and more than a few that I pick up in stores. The home decor & renovation magazines are traditionally my go to stacks!

I think it has something to do with all of the information being in one place and being able to flip to the page you need to find. I’ve got bookmarks on my computer, but where in the article or page is the information I need to find? No clue! Which Instagrammer had the image I love but forgot to save 6 months ago? Ugh! I’m still firmly in the magazine camp when it comes to projects.

Now, I’m really loving this issue of American Farmhouse Style magazine, which has a special surprise! Don’t worry, I’ll go ahead and tell you because I’m not really into surprises. We’re in it!

There are so many other reasons to grab your copy though because despite a page dedicated to AR Workshop, there are articles packed full of information I didn’t know I needed to know! The balance between practical & pretty and how other homeowners have achieved it despite the challenges is always so helpful. I know it’s something all of us struggle with in our own homes.

Not looking at any renovations, big or small, this year? American Farmhouse Style magazine has everyone in mind because this issue has more than a few DIY projects I’ve got my eye on!

We’ve already had the chance to grab our copies, because lucky you, they’re already out!

Or you can visit their site HERE!

Now, if you need me, I’m going to be trying to recreate page 45 at my own home!


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