What We’re Giving – and Receiving!

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Tis the season for holiday giving!

aka my favorite time of the year

I am, admittedly, a terrible receiver of gifts for many reasons. I do love giving gifts and coming up with gift guides, however! So this year, we’re sharing what we want (hint hint!), what we love, and what we’ll be giving.


1 | Laptop Case

Let’s face it – a laptop case is always useful! When we’re traveling to different shops & to our main office, we’ve always got our computers traveling with us. With all of that travel, our computers see some wear and tear. It also makes a great companion gift if someone special has a new laptop waiting for them!

2 | Chunky Sweater DIY Kit

Are you obsessed with chunky knit everything? Us too! This company makes our favorite DIY knit & crochet kits for the beginner or the lifelong knitter. And I mean it when I say beginner!

3 | Babes Support Babes Sweatshirt

We support this message! And this sweatshirt – it’s the coziest one in my closet!

4 | Hand Lotion

Winter & woodwork are tough on hands, so let’s be real: Bath & Bodyworks at some point just doesn’t cut it. This lotion from one of my favorite companies and it softens even my callused hands! You’ll see it featured as the best lotion on the market by several trusted magazines – and us.

5 | Hand Weaving Loom

A hint of new projects to come? Possibly! We’re loving this easy DIY loom

6 | DIY Necklace Kit

Christine White is my go-to jewelry DIY expert – and her DIY kits makes an amazing & easy gift for anyone interested in picking up a new hobby!

7 | Hydro Flask

This is what all the cool kids have – or at least I’ve been told! This bottle keeps your drink hot or cold. And it’s workshop tested and approved!

8 | Ceramic Travel Mug

This pick comes from the member of our team who logs the most miles driven over the year, so you know it’s great.

9 | Glass Straws

These glass straws were a pick from about half of our team. They’re dishwasher safe which is about all it takes to sell me on anything!

10 | Mini Chambong

Calling all of our party loving fans! Make sure you have a few for a fun New Years (and they’re dishwasher safe!)

11 | Beautiful Boards

Another popular item from the team! If you aren’t following The Baker Mama on Instagram, you should be. Her charcuterie & grazing boards – true to the title of her book – are beautiful. We’re stalking up on these to give all of our charcuterie loving friends.

12 | The Secret Lives of Color

A must have for any designer or artist! Go ahead and get the hardcover edition – the quality of the color printing is worth it.

13 | Celebrate Everything

As you all may (or may not!) know, Maureen & Adria started in the party business! This is a fun book to even just browse, but it’s a must have for any party thrower in your life!

14 | Modern Crochet

Debrosse (or Teresa!) is my go to for all things knit & crochet! I got her book when it came out a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to try out the projects when the season slows down. This is a great gift for your bestie who really enjoyed the chunky knit blanket class!



Have any go to gifts you want to share? Leave a comment!

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