Featured Owner: John & Brenda Bowers, AR Workshop St. Petersburg

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AR Workshop St. Petersburg may currently be one of ten Florida workshop locations, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing! Located at 2807 Drive MLK Jr Streen North in St. Petersburg, this location has an incredible atmosphere of its own. It offers a wonderful selection of ready-to-buy gifts and merchandise, has a gorgeous workshop for handcrafting your own home d├ęcor and gifts, and the friendly staff that AR Workshops around the country are known for!

AR Workshop St. Petersburg

Meet John and Brenda Bowers, the owners of AR Workshop St. Petersburg. It was actually a DIY project that brought them together. They designed and built the prize winning homecoming float in high school. How fun is that?! Forty years later, Brenda still dreams it, and John still builds it! John has a background in IT and project management, as well as a talent to build anything from cars to furniture. A retired teacher and elementary school principal, Brenda has an eye for creative design and loves to inspire creativity in others. Their unique combination of talents serve well the DIYers of St. Petersburg, Florida. Come join the fun at AR Workshop St. Petersburg and take your home decor projects to the next level!

Schedule a class and come and see what the AR Workshop concept is all about. The class schedule is available online here!

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  • Cheryl & Mike Tanner

    Hi, John and Brenda!
    We were traveling through Mundelein and your name came up, so we looked you up! Will send you a Christmas card!
    Love to connect,
    Cheryl and Mike Tanner

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