Holiday Porch Series

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When do you decorate for the holidays?

It’s a more divisive question than you’d think! But just like wearing white after Labor Day, the rules are changing. I’ve always been a post-Thanksgiving decorator, but between a late Thanksgiving and the #dreamtreechallange posts already flooding my Instagram page, I’m strongly reconsidering.

The place I always like to start is my porch. The pumpkins can move inside for just a little while longer, especially with temperatures starting to dip further. It allows me to savor fall just a little bit longer!

The decision I haven’t reached yet is which Holiday Porch Makeover Series I want to make.




The best thing about the porch series is that you can pick & choose! Now I’m including a few extra touches I’ve got my eye on to complete the look.



1 | Giant Jingle Bell

Giant jingle bells are not only a staple at AR Workshop, but they sell out immediately from our retail sections every year! I’ve found this one online so you don’t miss out!

2 | White Bell Garland

How sweet are these rustic bells?

3 | Birch Logs

Yes, you can order birch logs online!

4 | Reindeer Strap Bells

I bought a set of these last year, they’re a little noisy but I love how vintage they look.

5 | Wooden Bead Garland

Being a member of a DIY team, I’m thinking about making a few of these myself, maybe even painting a few beads to make them a little more seasonal! But if you’re short on time, this string is perfect.

6 | Burlap Ribbon | Red Buffalo Check Ribbon | White Buffalo Check Ribbon

A necessity!

7 | Small Woven Basket | Large Woven Basket with Tassel

Maureen & Adria reused these baskets in the different porch makeovers, and using it as a container for a small tree is an adorable idea! I’m leaning toward picking one of these to use inside because my porch is uncovered! What do you think about this look on a fireplace?

8 | Rustic Wooden Bucket **| Rustic Wooden Sink

I’m obsessed with these finds – seriously though, how cool are they? I’m leaning more toward the square wooden sink because how cute would that be with a little tree and maybe even one of the new luxe chunky knits!

**The stained version of the bucket has sold out, but there’s a dry brush version which I’ve linked!

The question I’ve gotten the most is where to buy a wood sled and I’m going to send you to the best one I’ve found. I’m excited to try this company out this season, I’ve heard so many good things! Let me know in the comments if you have, because I’ve got my eye on a few garlands I need to order soon. But, without further ado, here’s the sled I found!

Have you decided on which holiday porch you’re going to make?

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