Featured Owner: Chrystal Rowe, AR Workshop Hickory

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They might not be new to North Carolina, but if you haven’t visited AR Workshop Hickory  in a while (or ever), you should! Located on the Square in historic downtown Hickory at 264 Union Square NW, Suite 101, this DIY workshop is loads of fun. Upon visiting you will witness not only a busy workshop full of class attendees and instructors DIYing on-trend home décor, but you’ll also see a gorgeous retail space filled with home décor and lovely presents for purchase. While visiting, take time to meet the owner too! We are giving her a mini shoutout via this spotlight post, but it should in no way replace meeting her in person!

AR Workshop Hickory

AR Workshop Hickory is owned by the lovely and talented Chrystal Rowe. She is thrilled to bring her love of home decor, entertaining and everything DIY to her hometown of Hickory! After an 18-year career in the sports & entertainment industry, Chrystal has redirected her passion for creating memorable experiences and customer service with her love of DIY and Anders Ruff Workshop. With Chrystal, you can expect the highest level of customer service and attention to detail delivered with her trademark southern hospitality style.

AR Workshop Hickory

AR Workshop Hickory

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