Team Building – Literally!

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It’s time to start planning your holiday season team building event – have you booked yet?

I’ll be flat out honest, I don’t love that it’s already time to start thinking about winter holiday plans. But waiting till the last minute is a stressor that you shouldn’t have to deal with on top of everything else!


I’ve been to the holiday work parties in the event space at a local restaurant or even on-site. I’ve also worked at holiday parties hosted at AR Workshop and I can tell you which one was more fun!

And yes, that is my honest opinion. Instead of idle chit chat over the table, you & your coworkers are getting crafty!


Why book at AR Workshop?

We’ve got the location, activity, and take home gift already checked off your list! And you’ll know who to ask next time you need something handy done in the office.

Contact your local AR Workshop to schedule!

Not sure which location is closest? CHECK OUR MAP!

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