Make Sure to be KIND to Yourself!

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Over the past weekend, I read a book. Not super revolutionary, I know! But it was a busy weekend and I was able to finish it in just two days because it was that interesting. The book is about community, how we’ve become less of one in years past and the effects that has had. The benefits of not only knowing your neighbors but being an active part of your community surprised me!


There’s one company that’s been a part of the AR Workshop community for a while now, KIND.



Our friends from KIND provide snacks to all of our locations nationwide, highlighting their newest flavors! Right now we’re trying out the Simple Crunch bars in peanut butter. I’m writing this because they’re that good. Not to mention, with only 8 ingredients, the first being whole grains, I know that taste isn’t the only good thing about these.


I’ve long kept a supply of KIND bars in my kitchen for snacks on the go or an afternoon pick me up. When I’m headed into the office for an early meeting, they’re what gets me an extra 20 minutes of sleep! They’re also what keeps me out of the candy bowl at 2 pm.

The other reason we’re wild about KIND? They’re giving back to the community in a ridiculous number of ways. And knowing that my next box of peanut buttery goodness is going back into my community makes my guilt-free snack a great one!

Make sure to be just a little KINDER to yourself



And if DIY is how you do it, make sure to try the newest variety of KIND bar while you’re at a workshop!

Check out the other varieties of KIND bars HERE!


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