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ar workshop office

This summer was exciting because we moved into our new Headquarters for AR Workshop! As you may know, AR Workshop was founded in June 2016 with our flagship location at 322 Main Street in Pineville. It has been a blast working to grow our Boutique DIY Studio from 1 location to over 140 locations in 31 states in just 3 yeARs.

Our specialty is to offer hands-on DIY Workshops to help others create custom and on-trend home decor. So, when we finally realized we needed an office space for our amazing leadership team who keeps the franchise running and moving in the right direction, we were SO excited to get our DIY on in our office space! We have a few tips for those of you that like to move and rearrange furniture and want to protect your surfaces… so read below!

We wanted to keep with the same vibe as AR Workshop Pineville (above), but in an “office” setting…. We MOVE our furniture around SO much with all of the new franchise owner training sessions.  We found our location and it was SO perfectly convenient to our workshop space! Right across the street!

how to franchise a wood sign studio

Here is a before photo of the space. The walls were already painted a shade of our signature grey that all of our franchised locations use!

how to decorate an office

The first step was to get the floors finished correctly. We used an amazing plank vinyl wood flooring that looks just as good as real wood! We knew with all of our wear and tear, this would be the best idea. We love how the floors turned out… now how to protect those floors!? Read on…

diy wood floors

We installed a few white shiplap accent walls … great to brighten up the space and add some texture. We also opted for barn doors. You won’t believe how adorable they turned out!

office shiplap

We are obsessed with how the barn doors turned out for our office.

office farmhouse doors

Libby and I were determined to build our own farmhouse table to use for our awesome conference room space.

diy farmhouse table office table

We knew we would be rearranging our space so I made sure to protect the base of the feet of all of our worktables with Softtouch felt pads by Waxman. Thankfully, we use these in a lot of our DIY classes (for our lazy susans, centerpiece boxes and more) These come in all sorts of sizes, so we stocked up at Lowes.com and put them to full use. They are SO easy to apply (they are sticky on one side) and you can’t even notice they are there…

diy franchise studio

We decorated with our adorable DIY centerpiece boxes and I added some of the Waxman Softtouch products to the base of these as well to protect the surface of our new favorite office farmhouse table! (Get your own at lowes.com)

We each have desks in our wide open space (of course I added the Sofftouch felt pads under the legs of each desk as well!) – and we can easily rearrange the space for trainings!

diy office furniture

diy wood office furniture

Our desks have cute little pencil organizers on top, and they all match. I love them! I protected the actual desk surfaces, too, because we are always sliding around the accessories and I don’t want scratches on our new cute desks!

office accessories

Of course we needed a cozy nook, so our Anthropologie Couch that is tufted and cozy was perfect! It is a great window for photo ops, and the couch makes it even more perfect.

office couch

The Super Sliders from Lowes also come in a large enough size that we could leave them under our HEAVY couch so that if we want to rearrange, we don’t need to ask our husbands to help us move it! I am so glad I don’t have to worry about it getting scratches on the floor because its protected.

Ok, I will admit – we got a little crazy adding these Waxman Super Sliders and Softtouch protectors to everything because we were so paranoid to scratch our new floors. I have to say, we have a drawer in our office with all different sizes and shapes because we are growing so fast and adding furniture and accessories and I don’t want to be without. The team agrees!

office drawers

The dog beds definitely needed some Softtouch pads under them because the dogs are constantly jumping in and we are moving the beds around all the time, so these make it so much easier!

diy dog bed

I think they look pretty happy, do you agree?!

diy pet beds

If you are ever in town, come visit AR Workshop’s headquARters!

What do you think of our office transformation?

Purchase softtouch® and Super Sliders® at your nearest Lowes – visit lowes.com.

For more information, visit Softtouch or Super Sliders for these awesome protectant products.

Thanks to Waxman for sponsoring this post. We love their products and hope you do, too! You’ll find them at AR Workshop locations across the country!

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  • Donna

    Couldn’t find what state your headquarters is in

    • Libby Martel

      Hi Donna,

      We are located in North Carolina.

      We hope this helps! Please let us know if you need further information by emailing us at pineville@arworkshop.com

      Thank you!

  • Melinda Geraghty

    I need to speak with someone at Corporate regarding an issue with a local workshop. Please let me know how to contact you.

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