2019 Summer Camp

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It’s official, we had the best Summer camps ever!


In 2018, we introduced our Summer Camp program and it was so incredibly successful that we knew it was going to be a summertime staple from then on out. The only problem was how could we make it even better?

Just in time for our 2019 Summer Camps, we released two completely new project styles & bunch of new designs. The response was incredible and we knew that we’d succeeded in our goal for making 2019 that much more fun!

We had nearly 4,000 campers across the nation join us for a Summer if DIY & design!

AR Workshop Naples · AR Workshop Bristow · AR Workshop Brandon


AR Workshop Red Bank · AR Workshop Westfield

AR Workshop Tampa · AR Workshop Staten Island · AR Workshop Cleveland


AR Workshop Pineville · AR Workshop Turnersville

AR Workshop Charlotte · AR Workshop Macomb


AR Workshop Rochester · AR Workshop Port St. Lucie


AR Workshop Temecula · AR Workshop Frisco

AR Workshop Cary · AR Workshop Gig Harbor · AR Workshop St. Joseph


AR Workshop Greenville · AR Workshop Knoxville · AR Workshop San Juan Capistrano

AR Workshop Dothan · AR Workshop Newton · AR Workshop Northville

AR Workshop Raleigh · AR Workshop Durham · AR Workshop Davidson

AR Workshop Fairfield · AR Workshop Belmont

AR Workshop Waxhaw · AR Workshop Mill Creek


We can’t wait to see all of our campers back in 2020!

Didn’t make it to camp over the Summer? Don’t worry, kids can make projects all of the time – and even have their birthday with us!


Check out our youth projects HERE

(adults can make them too!)

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