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Check out how we’re celebrating Back to School!

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Can you even believe that the school year is fast approaching? Or in some cases is already here! Plenty of kids I know are already secretly counting down and grumbling about the ads and store displays. As an adult, back to school is when I spend the most on office supplies I really don’t need which makes me something of an expert on the topic.


1 | Backpack

I’ve had a number of Herschel backpacks since they first came on the market; they’re high quality and they have a wide variety of sizes & styles. Not to mention they collaborate with hip brands and sports organizations so there’s something for everyone. The backpack I’ve recommended here has a pocket for a 15″ laptop and is still a reasonable size.

2 | Lunch Bag

I’m allowed to call this a bag because it’s cute and not at all lunch-boxy. And it comes in aqua!

3 | Pencil Case

Making your pencil case your own is important, especially when you keep it stocked with nice pens. Luckily you can make your own at your local AR Workshop!

Check out all of our tote & zipper pouch designs HERE!

4 | Glass Lunch Case

I’ve just ordered these for myself!

5 | Centerpiece Box 

Centerpiece boxes have always been one of my favorite projects because they’re so versatile. While being perfect for displays, they also are great for storing remotes, office supplies, bathroom supplies, etc. Add a few mason jars to a box and you’ve got an adorable way to store pens & pencils! Or try on of our 8″ boxes if you want to skip the jars altogether.

Check out all of our centerpiece box designs HERE!

6 | Waterproof Bags

Perfect for gym clothes or swimsuits! These waterproof bags are also great just to keep in your bag or backpack for emergencies since they fold up.

7 | Magnetic Book Marks

These are the other thing in my cart right now so I can stop using pens and paperclips as bookmarks! I’m loving the magnets that hold them to the page so they don’t slip out after a trip in your bag and they’re perfect for making sure you don’t get charged a damage fee on your textbooks.

8 | Colored Pens

I’ve had a set of these pens for 8 years and they’re still going strong which is crazy! Especially since the caps are often left off while I figure out my color-coding.

9 | Planner | Teacher Planner

Admittedly, I’ve never used one of these planners, but everyone I know that does is super brand loyal. These planners are durable, colorful, and detail-oriented. They also come with a wide enough variety of accessories to satisfy even the most planner obsessed person you know!

Don’t forget your labels!


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