Our Favorite Pet Toys & Accessories

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We’re well aware that our pets count as members of the family, so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of DIY projects for them as well! With pet beds & pillows, they’re sure to appreciate our comfy new projects styled just for them!

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I’ve also compiled a list of our favorite pet accessories because the only thing better than a new bed is a new bed & a new toy!

Our Favorite Pet Toys & Accessories



1 | Rope Toy

My dog can’t handle anything with a squeaker or stuffing and I know he’s not alone in that. He does love a rope toy though! And this one comes in aqua!

2 | Kong Toy

These toys are a dog staple. Unless your dog is my dog, he and his rope toy are just fine, thank you!

3 | Fur Wizard

My dad got me one of these as a gift and admittedly my face showed exactly what most people would think getting a de-furring device as a gift. Despite some initial wariness, this thing is amazing. I use it to get pet hair off of my clothing, furniture, you name it. It works so much better than a lint roller and you don’t have fuzzy sticky paper everywhere after. I might even admit that it’s one of the most useful gifts I’ve ever received.

4 | Cooling Pad

This is literally the only thing that gets my dog through the summer. He loves sitting outside, but any temperature over 60 is too hot. We put one of these in his favorite spot to keep him just a bit cooler and a lot happier!

5 | Throwing Ball 

My dog does not chase a ball. At all, ever. But these have amazing ratings! They’re durable, bright, and they float.

6 | Ball Launcher

Well if you get the ball, you have to get the launcher!

7 | Ball Roller / Scratcher

Only one cat toy? Don’t worry y’all, I have cats too! My cats like pipe cleaners, ribbons, and cardboard boxes so buying them toys is often pointless. I say often because this is a favorite (well, this and the birdfeeder that attaches to the window). And the cardboard scratching insert keeps them away from the furniture!

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