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We’ve compiled our favorite products and the items that are on our own wedding registries to release with our newest wedding collection! Check out our list of longtime favorites and newest discoveries for the perfect wedding gifts of the season (or for yourself!).

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1 | Robo Vacuum

This is something I would never buy for myself, but I absolutely love mine. I have, however, bought one as a gift and when purchasing it, I also bought the warranty. The cashier told me that people become so attached to their robo vacuums that they’ll opt to send it out to have it repaired rather than exchange it for a new one! Suffice to say, he was correct. But it’s a nice thing to have puttering about, sucking up dust and crumbs.

2 | Airpods

 After years of having to buy new buds because or wear & tear or an unfortunate trip to the bottom of my purse, I broke for a pair of Airpods (and a new computer charger, cords really aren’t my thing!). I’ve never had a problem keeping track of them and the only time the battery has been a problem was during a 5-hour phone meeting. My dad was so envious, I finally bought him a pair after he dropped enough hints!

3 | His & Hers Mugs

These sweet mugs make it easy to keep straight which coffee is yours in those bleary early hours.

4 | Amazon Alexa

Since we’re all well on our way to having smart homes, might as well start a married couple off right! Alexa has so many uses, I won’t even bother getting into them, but I absolutely love being able to control my TV without having an ever-elusive remote.

5 | Salad Bowl & Utensils

I asked the team what they’re favorite wedding gifts were when I started making this list, as well as my family, and you would not believe the number of people that told me that it was the salad bowl. They all said it was one of their most used wedding gifts.

6 | Electric Kettle

The only item in my kitchen I use every day!

7 & 8 | 3.5 Quart Pan & 6 Quart Pot

If I had to pick a gift I’d give anyone, I’d pick these pots and pans with strainer lids. That’s right, you don’t even need a colander because it’s built into the lid. I’ve had these since college and have even bought a few sets as house warming gifts!

9 | Waffle Maker

Another popular favorite, and it comes in aqua!

10 & 11| Acacia Charcuterie Board & Olive Cheese Board

These beautiful pieces of wood can double as an attractive countertop cutting board and an amazing base for a charcuterie or grazing platter!

12 | InstaPot

Easily the hottest kitchen appliance of the season, the Instapot is a pressure cooker and crockpot all in one. There’s also a yogurt making button on it, but I’m not brave enough for that task. It is, however, great for making a homecooked meal in about 10 minutes.

13 | Kitchen Aid

The Kitchen Aid stand mixer is so tried and true, I don’t even need to tell y’all why it’s an amazing wedding gift. But with the 12 additional attachments, from pasta makers to a food processor, spiralizer to a grinder, the stand mixer is so functional that it makes a star of a gift!

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