International Boss Babe Day!

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Happy International Woman’s Day!

We’re celebrating by sharing our favorite crafty boss babes, their blogs, and their books.

The House that Lars Built | Brittany Watson Jepson

Brittany is at the top of this list because I’m obsessed with her new book, Craft the Rainbow, and ridiculously excited to start more than a few of the projects.

Craft the Rainbow by Brittany Watson Jepson


Martha Stewart

I’m sorry, but you can’t make a list of crafting boss babes without Martha. What hasn’t Martha done? Nothing. She’s gone to jail, she’s got a TV show with Snoop Dog, and when it comes to literally anything around the home and garden, she’s the #1 trusted source. Her Homekeeping Handbook is essential for any house (and an amazing house warming gift!)


Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook

The Martha Manual


Emily Henderson

Am I still obsessed with Emily Henderson’s light blue fish scale tiles in her Master Bathroom? Absolutely. The brushed brass fixtures? You know it. How many times have I pinned that bathroom on Pinterest? Not enough.

Styled by Emily Henderson


The Nester | Myquillyn Smith

With posts like “How to Decorate a Home You Don’t Love”, you know Myquillyn is giving you non-stop honesty. We had the absolute honor to be a part of Nest Fest 2018 and listening to her talk about imperfect hosting has had a lasting impact on my approach to just about everything. She’s relatable, sweet, and down to earth online and in real life. Make sure to check out The Nesting Place if you need someone to kindly tell you that is doesn’t have to be perfect.

The Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith 


I Spy DIY – Jenni 

I Spy DIY is fresh without being unapproachably modern, unlike Kimye’s house (um, yikes?!). On top of super fun DIYs, I also get to live vicariously through her Barnhouse makeover. If you’re a total sucker for a before and after image, I promise, Jenni does not disappoint!


Lia Griffith

I should probably be embarrassed by the amount of time I spend scrolling through Lia’s blog and Instagram, but I’m thankfully able to call it “research” when anyone asks. Y’all, I love flowers, but I don’t love the combined lack of longevity and cost of fresh flowers. It’s one thing in the Spring & Summer to grab a $10 bouquet at the farmer’s market, but even then it would cost a fortune to have fresh flowers in every room. Lia Griffith has simultaneously fixed that problem and given me an excuse to buy more craft supplies!

Crepe Paper Flowers by Lia Griffith


Oh Joy – Joy Cho

If you recognize the name, it’s because Joy is literally everywhere! Target in itself counts as everywhere, but she’s also partnered with Erin Condren, Petco, Clorox, etc. Her team is also fabulous (“Oops, did I buy champagne instead of milk again?”) and so is the velvet pom pom pillow I’m buying right now from her shop.


Oh Joy! by Joy Cho


Magnolia – Joanna Gaines

I spent my fair share of time trucking through central Texas as a kid and it’s not a car trip I’d wish on my worst enemy. I remember when Waco was only mentioned with a grimace and to see it grow into a destination with the help of one family is incredible. That’s without mentioning how Joanna has taken the design world – and HGTV- by storm!

Home Body by Joanna Gaines


Honestly WTF – Erica Chan Coffman

Honestly WTF has had stunning photography since I first started following about 10 years ago, it was what first drew me to visit regularly. That and Erica’s pompom garland that was everywhere on Pinterest! I’ve stayed because there’s such a feeling of curiosity and need to discover everything beautiful that really comes through in everything Erica posts. Her DIYs are stupidly simple for how stunning they manage to turn out. Some of her posts are a little high brow for me, but even so, she never manages to disappoint!


Darcy Miller

Darcy Milly is a new find, I picked up her book on a total whim and it started my love of hardcover crafting books. My excuse? They spark joy! Darcy’s mindset of “celebrate everything” also sparks joy and also happens to be a great excuse to make a fabulous drink or dessert. Seriously though, all of her projects are amateur friendly without quite managing to scream “over the top”. At least most of the time, but that’s ok because they’re always gorgeous to look at!

Celebrate Everything by Darcy Miller


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