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Whether you’re setting up your new AR Workshop or just looking for our tried & true favorites, this is the ultimate go-to list for aqua everything!


Aqua Everything – Accessories

1 | Holographic Nail Polish

2 | Aqua Nail Polish

3 | Glitter Nail Polish

4 | Dark Aqua Nail Polish

5 | Sparkle Nail Polish

These are some of my favorite nail polish brands, and they’re all non-toxic and cruelty-free because you don’t need toxins for amazing nail polish! And y’all, I really tried to nail it down to just one polish, but these were all so much fun and each unique so I’m giving them all to you! If you’ve got kiddos, make sure to check out the mommy & me collections from Ella+Mila too.

6 | Sunglasses

These sunnies are fun and all for fun. They’re perfect for goodie bags & workshop parties!

7 | Make-up Case

If your make-up isn’t going to last you all day, make sure it’s in one place to help you go from day to night in a snap!

8 | Water Shoes

Waterproof & adorable? You can’t go wrong!

9 |  Converse

10 | Vans

11 | Hard Shell Luggage

We work hard so we can play hard, and our luggage needs to be able to stand up to sometimes tugging a few projects along in the airport. And unless you’re at one of our owner’s retreats, you’ll always be able to find it!


Aqua Everything – Bar

1 | Paper Straws

2 | Winged Corkscrew

3 | Bottle Opener

Order as many of these as you can store, you’ll need them!

4 | Napkins

5 | Yeti Cooler

This is an investment, for sure. I’ve always been someone that is willing to pay more for quality based firmly on the belief that it will both save me money in the long run and if you’re going to do something, you need to do it right. Yeti does it right, hands down. I love my Yeti products and their reliability is worth the investment.

6 | Yeti Bucket

7 | Yeti Wine Tumbler

8 | Yeti Rambler

I converted to the rambler three years ago and it’s all I use now. No more sweating glasses & melted ice, it’s worth every penny!

9 | Yeti Coffee Cup

I’m the most guilty about leaving a mug somewhere and finding a cold drink an hour later. So disappointing! These mugs stay hot forever, so if you’re a slow sipper (or just super forgetful!) these are amazing.


Aqua Everything – Office

1 | Pushpins

2 | Binder Clips

3 | Paperclips

Once you start buying fun paperclips, you can’t go back to the plain silver ones. One of my favorite uses for paperclips is to hang it on a push pin when I don’t want to put a hole in something. It works with binder clips too!

4 | Pens

5 | Stabilo Pens

So I’m a little bit of a pen snob. It’s difficult to find a colored pen that isn’t going to bleed through a regular piece of paper, but I’ve been using these since college. They come in a beautiful variety of colors and you can leave the cap off for a while and they won’t dry out! I seriously use these every day and still have my set from college.

6 | Storage Clipboard

7 | Tape Holder

Y’all, I broke so many of those disposable tape holders before I finally got one of these. I also lost them and every once in a while, I find another one somewhere totally random. But I always know where this tape holder is!

8 | Grippy Grass

9 | Storage Bin

The movable dividers are my favorite feature of this bin, but the handle is a close second!

10 | iPad Case

11 | Otter Box

When you’re working hard & playing hard, you need to make sure your phone is going to survive whatever you get up to, so you’re not working hard to get a new screen.

12 | Magazine Holder

13 | Laptop Case


Aqua Everything – Shop

1 | Labeling Tape 

Storage bins are fantastic until you forget what’s in them. Luckily, this labeling tape comes in aqua!

2 | Retro Phone

Shoutout to the payphone in the Pineville workshop! Unfortunately, they don’t sell those on Amazon, so we’ve found the next best thing.

3 | Desk Fan

This little fan is perfect for a little bit of a breeze without stirring up a ton of dust.

4 | Dust Mask

Y’all, consistent dust exposure can cause chronic cough and other serious health issues so there’s nothing more important than keeping your lungs clear of wood dust. These masks are so much better than the cheap pack you’ll grab on a whim from the hardware store. There’s no hair pulling or wrestling it over your head, it sits comfortably on your ears, and keeping the dust out of your nose and mouth!

5 | Glue Gun

6 | Duct Tape

7 | Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof, dustproof, & workshop proof, carry this aqua Bluetooth speaker wherever you’re working! A perfect combination of touch and compact.

8 | Silicone Hot Rests

A little spot for your glue gun! These hot rests will come in handy more often than you can even imagine and protect the tools & surfaces you spent so much time with.

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