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Alright y’all, Sherwin Williams has announced their Color of the Year for 2019! And it is…

I’m going to be honest, when I first saw it I was like brown? Really? I’m forever trying to pick between fun jewel tones and warm greys when it comes to my walls and decor, so this rusty color had me thinking. Now, I’ve had the luxury of looking at it for the better part of a week now, so it has had time to grow on me while I looked for ways to pull it into the home. To help brainstorm some ideas, I went to see what Sherwin Williams had to say about it.

Sherwin Williams describes Cavern Clay as an earthy and warm terracotta. It’s a little bit mid-century modern, a little bit boho, and a little bit American Southwest. They want us to think beaches, canyons, deserts, and late summer afternoons when we see it, and for it to be able to bring some of the warmth of the outdoors in.

I can buy into all of that, although I’d probably be more willing to embrace bringing the heat indoors in January!

I don’t think I could have a room this color, but subtly, it could really bring some warmth into your decor. The nice thing about Cavern Clay is that it’s going to look amazing with neutrals, bright jewel tones, greenery, and any type of wood grain. And let’s face it, if it’s a great complement to aqua, what else matters?

See, it grows on you!

southwestern pattern framed tray 18x21 (handles sold separately)  I would give up tacos pillow cover

Keeping the Southwest feel in mind, let’s talk about how to DIY Cavern Clay into your home. Because Maureen and Adria are always ahead of the curve, we’re coming into this trend prepared!

On our Southwest Pattern tray, you can see that we’ve paired a similar color with aqua, but by blending the colors with our watercolor technique, it adds a little bit of variation. You can easily turn one of our framed signs into a tray and it becomes the perfect accent piece for an ottoman or pouf.

If you love tacos as much as I do, this pillow is a staple. It’s featured prominently on the bench at my table every Tuesday! But check out how great this color looks with black. It tones down the Southwest vibe a little bit but still keeps a warm feel.

A cactus is essentially an agressive cucumber framed sign 18x21   mi casa es su casa plank sign 14x19 i would give up tequila framed sign 18x21


And because I am to please, here are some ways that our favorite stores are helping to bring that boho southwest trend into your home!


Couch Accents:




You know, I’m thinking our Boho Patterns and Pedestal Trays would be a great way to add a little Cavern Clay to a room!

Sign up for a class and go for a Cavern Clay inspired color palette! And don’t forget to share with us on our VIP Facebook page or by using our #ARWatHome hashtag on Instagram!


quatrefoil boho pattern round tray (handles sold separately) boho floral plank wood sign 17.5x24 boho circle plank wood tray

french damask pattern pedestal tray 10x32 moroccan tile monogram round pedestal tray boho tile pattern pedestal tray 12x16

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