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Alright, I know y’all fell in love with our new fall designs and we’ve already seen a bunch of them come through the shop! We love seeing all of the different takes on our designs, and we’d really love to see how everyone styles them in their own home. Our new VIP group on Facebook is a great way to do that, so join if you haven’t already!

This blog post is going to be super special because I’m sharing some amazing pieces to style your home for the upcoming season, and we want to see it with our signs! I’m going product by product, giving you a few different options, and letting you all know the rundown on how AR Workshop will be styling their homes this fall. All of the photos are linked to the site you can buy them from, so all you have to do it click the picture.

Must Haves

Y’all, if this Lucky Antique Jack Russell statue doesn’t turn up at Maureen’s house, I’ll never take another bet! Seriously though, how cute is this little guy?

These Vintage Spools are so versatile, wrap them in a themed ribbon or put some flowers through the top to make them more seasonal!


I’m not even going to bother writing out why you need this Distressed Arched Window Mirror, because I know you already know.


If you’re not following us on Pinterest, you’re missing out! We posted this fantastic DIY that everyone loved, and one of the key elements is these Galvanized Metal Buckets.



If you’re anything like the women I know, you’ve got a wreath for every season and holiday, and a few extra. Just in case. But how cute would one of those felt flower wreaths look with our Pumpkin Spice sign in a girl’s room? The magnolia wreaths are classic and can be used season after season.



Shelf Sitters

Y’all, how sweet are these? And that aqua truck!



Arched Window Mirrors

Obsessed with these on a mantle right now! I would love to see one with our Autumn Blessings or Hello Autumn sign.



Glass Candle Holders

These sweet little candle holders are the perfect accent for any tabletop!



Decorative Touches

Ok, there were these extra little pieces I couldn’t not put on this list! It’s going to take me a long while to decide which garland I’m putting on my mantle.



Tobacco Baskets

We’ve still got a few of these in the shop if you’re anywhere near Pineville! I don’t think I would have ever thought to put my air plants on a tobacco basket and hang that on the wall, but I will now.

I’m also loving it as a centerpiece on a coffee table or entry table!



Metal Vases

Ok y’all, I’m 100% eyeing up the vase with the gold detailing, but it’s going to be tough deciding between that and the Magnolia Home vase. And there are only so many metal vases one can own…right?




These are such a cute way to store extra blankets and pillows!



Light Colored Vases

Light colored vases are a great way to add a little bit of brightness to your decor. Put cotton in them for the fall, and come holiday season, they will look gorgeous with evergreens!




As the nights start to fall a little earlier, you’ll want to bring more light into your home. Lanterns are a great way to use candlelight at night, and still have them displayed as a decor piece during the day.


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