Raising the Level of Your Charcuterie

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In honor of our new pedestal trays, we’re talking about charcuterie today! Now, if you’re terrible at anything involving cooking, like myself, this is the best thing that could have happened to on-trend party food since ever. But, like any piece of art, there’s a trick to making a charcuterie tray that’ll have your guests talking for years.

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Charcuterie is a French word meaning delicatessen and is essentially the production of cured meats. I won’t go into further detail and I wouldn’t recommend doing too much Googling either, so let’s move on to making a beautiful charcuterie board!

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A charcuterie board is, at its base, a meat and cheese tray. What makes it a charcuterie board rather than a plastic try you picked up from the deli are five different elements. You want something presliced with some flavor, these are the cured meats of the board, something you can slice, something you can spread, all of the accents you can imagine, and a drink to pair them with. You don’t have to follow this equation, but this is what makes up a traditional board.

The biggest key to all of this is a bit of variety. Boursin is going to bring out different flavors than cheddar or brie, just like the consistency of a cracker, pretzel, and a baguette are all vastly different. You’re also going to want pops of colors, so consider berries, cucumbers, and carrots. Apples are a popular pairing because cheddar cheese on apple pie is apparently a thing?

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One really fun thing you can do is make a board inspired by different locations. I went to a lunch recently featuring an Asian inspired charcuterie tray and it was a beautiful take on the traditional charcuterie board. I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled I’d be if I turned up somewhere with a Mexican inspired charcuterie board paired with margaritas!

Now, I already mentioned being a terrible cook, so when I make a meal it’s really just a smorgasbord. My packed lunches are a Nicoise salad without the lettuce! It looks cute and healthy and only takes a couple minutes to throw together. Try making a charcuterie board style lunch for you or the kids that can be packed and kept until meal time. Y’all know how kids love to graze, might as well make it easy on yourself!

gourmet cheese board pedestal tray 10x32

If you’re feeling as inspired by all of this as I am, go take a look on Pinterest because I cannot stop scrolling and need more people to obsess with this about. I need someone to stop me from making a candy charcuterie board! Luckily, you can follow me down this rabbit hole over on Pinterest. I’ll be pinning my favorite boards, but I’d love to see what you all can do too! Tag us with your new pedestal tray on Instagram using our #ARWathome hashtag or post it on our VIP Facebook page!

Hey Pineville! Chef Jill is coming back on September 11th for another Charcuterie & Crafts class!

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