NEW Customized Wood Lazy Susan Turntable Trays perfect for centerpieces, kitchen islands, dining room table decor

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Classic Monogram Wood Lazy Susan

Adria and I are planning more projects to offer in AR Workshops and we are in LOVE with these new wood turntable lazy susans! We have 3 new designs and are so excited about this concept!

Everyone needs a centerpiece for their kitchen table, kitchen island, or coffee table.  I love that you can customize it with your own eco-friendly stain, home decor line of paint, etc.

The above design is our Classic Modern Monogram – its so great to put your established year, city and state on a cool whiskey barrel style tray or lazy susan. These actually rotate, too!

In our workshops, you start with the raw wood and learn all the steps to go from raw wood to finished product (that you can take home the same day!)

Monogram wood lazy susan

I am personally obsessed with our above “vineyard monogram” round wood lazy susan! These are so great for accenting tables. I also love them for holiday gifts!  We have worked with a realtor quite a bit here who asks us to create gifts for her closings, and I think she will really stand out by giving these personalized gifts!

The below wood lazy susan is one Adria created and we can customize the center to say a family name instead of “pray”, if you wish! WE are all about customizing, so just ask!

Hope to see you in a workshop soon!  See the Pineville workshop schedule here or Northville here.

Wood Lazy Susan

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