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anders ruff monogram sign

We had our first DIY birthday party at AR Workshop in Pineville this past week.  Our first week open has been a blast and a whirlwind!  Brynne is so excited to work at Anders Ruff Workshop and requested to do a monogrammed canvas and wood sign class for her birthday! She has done an excellent job working here so far, and we were thrilled for her to invite her closest friends to our DIY workshop.  Birthday parties are what Anders Ruff has been all about, so we are excited to offer a few different birthday party packages. (contact us for details!)

monogrammed elephant

Brynne helped Adria design several new monogram silhouette designs that the girls created at AR Workshop.  We used a lot of graphics from Anders Ruff, and Adria and I drew some new ones.

In the workshop, the girls chose their own paint colors to match their rooms and also picked our non-toxic stains from our Paint Bar to color their wood stretcher hangers.  I love how their monogrammed signs turned out!

We have lots of options for these Teen and Tween camps and signs.  We have sailboats, elephants, palm trees, mermaids and more!  We also got a request for a Jeep, South Carolina state, flamingo, whale, dog and more! Take a look below at the signs the girls made themselves here at AR Workshop!

sailboat-monogram-sign palm-tree-monogram-sign south-carolina-state-monogram-sign palm-tree-canvas-class monogram-star-fish-sign.jpg  monogram-pineapple-sign monogram-dolphin-sign florida-sign jeep-monogram

After the birthday party at AR Workshop, the girls wanted to get their photos on the train tracks right by our workshop studio.  They were SO cute! Take a peek!

sign making camp at ar workshop monogram-dog-canvas flamingo-monogram-sign mermaid-monogram-sign crab-monogram-sign anchor-sign anchor-monogram-sign

You can have your next birthday party at AR Workshop!  Contact us for details and availability!

Teen craft workshop at AR Workshop

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