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There she is. In all her glory.  Welcome to the home of the first AR Workshop location.  AR Workshop will bring DIY to life.  We have been offering DIY projects on and the Ruff Draft Column for years!  We are thrilled to be stepping out from behind the screen to offer in-person hands-on workshops! From home decor classes using wood and canvas to metal and chalkboard, to other art classes.  The materials and concepts are endless, the ideas are endless and the space is going to be full of inspiration!

So here she is – our new home of Anders Ruff Workshop – 322 Main Street to be exact. Pineville, North Carolina.  This little gem took FOREVER to find and secure.  Retail locations in Charlotte are fun to find but let me tell you, finding one with old culture and character is hard to find!

We are SO excited to be bringing Anders Ruff Workshop to Pineville, North Carolina!  I LOVE that our city is called Pine-ville.  (We will be offering some workshops using Pine, of course!)

This little palace used to be the home of a Billards (Bales Recreation and Pool Hall, exactly).  It has more character that I can even describe and I cannot wait to take you on this journey with us as we renovate from the ground up. 

We appreciate your support and following and can’t wait for what the future has in store.  If you are in the area, pop by to see how our progress is coming on 322 Main Street in Pineville, NC!

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